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Presses Made for Research Programs

High-pressure high-temperature research programs at many universities in the United States and Canada used presses designed by Dr. Hall.  His presses were also sent to Europe and Asia.  Materials on all of the following are available in the archive: French AEC, Paris, France (1964) Rice University, Houston, Texas (1965, also the source of the image for this post) Tohuku University, Sendai, Japan (1968) University of Western Ontario, Ontario, Canada (1973) University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia (1974) Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah (many years)
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Howard Tracy Hall, 1919-2008

The full online version of the book that came out in 2012:Part 1: Ancestry (up to page 135 of the book).Part 2: Personal Life (up to page 421 of the book).Part 3: Professional Life (through to the end, which is on page 575).
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Research Journal from 1955-1968

Tracy's words, from page one of his research journal: Last week I visited with Air Force and Commerce Department officials in Washington to obtain a clarification as to the scope of the secrecy order on the G.E. Patent applications. I was told that it applied only to those applications and that I could freely and openly use any new apparatus that I might devise. On this basis I am going ahead with some new ideas that I have . . . Follow along as another high pressure press capable of synthesizing diamond is developed, find when Tracy first thought of 'diamond growth from powder (PCD)', and read about it in Tracy's own words and scientific notes. Part 1: Up to page 237 of the book. Part 2: Page 238 through to the end of the book, which is on page 499. Note: these are dummy links as the originals have not yet been moved across.
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Tracy project code and documentation released

The Tracy project continues the legacy of Dr. Hall’s materials science innovations by maintaining and distributing the Materials Database, a software package that automates the construction of materials properties and can be used to rapidly search for materials with desirable qualities.  The code and documentation are available here: github.com/halllabs/tracy_matdb
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Tracy Hall Science Center opens on Weber State campus

"The community is invited to explore the four-story, 189,544-square-foot building during the grand opening planned Aug. 24. Dignitaries will cut the ribbon at 2 p.m., followed by self-guided tours from 2:30-5:30 p.m. Charles A. Wight, the university’s president and a physical chemist, will join science faculty who will conduct fun experiments and offer interactive demonstrations. Visitors will also enjoy science souvenirs and light refreshments." Announcement with "Facts and Figures" info.
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Utah inventions: A better synthetic diamond

It seems like we wouldn't be where we are today without Hall. But who was he? Hall was an Ogden native who helped discover the first reliable synthetic diamond-making process — something people had been trying to do for centuries. Read full article
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