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  1st Tetrahedral Press.jpg  contribute
  200-Ton Cubic Frame, Completed For Mega-T.jpg  contribute
  300 Ton Press.jpg  contribute
  300 Ton Tetrahedral Press For X-ray Diffraction Use (1).jpg  contribute
  300 Ton Tetrahedral Press For X-ray Diffraction Use (2).jpg  contribute
  300 Ton Tetrahedral Press For X-ray Diffraction Use.jpg  contribute
  300-ton spacor and header press.jpg  contribute
  5-6.jpg  contribute
  72-4.jpg  contribute
  Belt - Cell Components.jpg  contribute
  Belt Closed Position.jpg  contribute
  Belt Exploded View.jpg  contribute
  Belt Gadget & Cell.jpg  contribute
  Belt Thermocouple Insertion.jpg  contribute
  Belt, Original.jpg  contribute
  Bottom, Award Daily Herald.jpg  contribute
  Bundy At Controls, 1000-Ton Cratial Press - $150,000.jpg  contribute
  Cards_scan1b.jpg  contribute
  Catron29.jpg  contribute
  Chemical Pioneer Award.jpg  contribute
  Cheny and Strong At 100-Ton Press.jpg  contribute
  Components Of Some Kind.jpg  contribute
  Cover Of 'Science' Magazine - FCC Cubic.jpg  contribute
  Cubic Cell & Gasket Extrusion.jpg  contribute
  Cubic Press #3.jpg  contribute
  De Beere Presses.jpg  contribute
  Diamond Phase Diagram.jpg  contribute
  Diamonds.jpg  contribute
  Drawings_scan1.jpg  contribute
  Executive Order 10925.jpg  contribute
  GE, 50 Tons Of Diamonds.jpg  contribute
  GeProf-5.jpg  contribute
  Gery and Christiane Vanderschick.jpg  contribute
  Gery and Christiane Vanderschrick with the Halls.jpg  contribute
  Gery Vanderschrick's Wife Christiane with the Halls.jpg  contribute
  Gery Vanderschrick, Tet. X-Ray Press.jpg  contribute
  Gery Vanderschrick.jpg  contribute
  Hinge Model Built By HTH Of Mahogany.jpg  contribute
  Honarary Doctorate, BYU.jpg  contribute
  Honorary Doctorate, Daily Herald.jpg  contribute
  HT Hall, Cubic Cell Thing.jpg  contribute
  HTH 'Belt'.jpg  contribute
  Installation Of Tetrahedral Press.jpg  contribute
   International Photos
  Machine.jpg  contribute
  Member of Mathematical Association.jpg  contribute
  More Press.jpg  contribute
  No info.jpg  contribute
  NoNote01.jpg  contribute
  NoNote03.jpg  contribute
  NoNote04.jpg  contribute
  NoNote06.jpg  contribute
  NoNote08.jpg  contribute
  NoNote10.jpg  contribute
  NoNote14.jpg  contribute
  Olin Lecture Series Speaker.jpg  contribute
  Original Belt, HT Hall.jpg  contribute
  Page 5.jpg  contribute
  Page 6.jpg  contribute
  Page 7.jpg  contribute
  Percy Bridgman.jpg  contribute
  Photo-Block_scan8a copy 3.jpg  contribute
  Photo-Block_scan8a copy 4.jpg  contribute
  Photos_scan1a.jpg  contribute
  Photos_scan1b.jpg  contribute
  picture10.jpg  contribute
  picture5 (1).jpg  contribute
  picture5.jpg  contribute
  picture6.jpg  contribute
  picture8.jpg  contribute
  Press in lab.jpg  contribute
  Press Pic - No Info.jpg  contribute
  Press Pic2 - No Info.jpg  contribute
  Press Pic4 - No Info.jpg  contribute
  Ring.jpg  contribute
  scan1-10.jpg  contribute
  scan1-11.jpg  contribute
  scan1-7 (1).jpg  contribute
  scan1-8.jpg  contribute
  scan1-9.jpg  contribute
  Scan12b-Clip.jpg  contribute
  Scan13b-Clip.jpg  contribute
  Scan14b-Clip.jpg  contribute
  scan2-11.jpg  contribute
  scan2-6.jpg  contribute
   scan2.pdf  contribute
  scan3_6.jpg  contribute
  scan5.jpg  contribute
  Scan7b-program.jpg  contribute
  Science technology Edison lab.jpg  contribute
  Shop.jpg  contribute
  Shop6.jpg  contribute
  Shop67.jpg  contribute
  Some of First Diamonds Tracy made at GE in 1954.JPG  contribute
  Strongs Natural Diamond Chip Which He Considered To BeMan Made.jpg  contribute
  Strongs Natural Diamond.jpg  contribute
  Suits Presents Strong's Natural Diamond Chips To GE Pres Ralph Counduren.jpg  contribute
  TbS2.jpg  contribute
  Tet Press X-Ray Cell Geometry.jpg  contribute
  Tet X-Ray Details.jpg  contribute
  Tet X-Ray Press, BYU High Pressure Lab.jpg  contribute
  Tet X-Ray Scanning Details.jpg  contribute
  TETPress.jpg  contribute
  Tetragonal Ram-In-Trie-Bar Press, HT Hall With Wrench.jpg  contribute
  Tetrahedral Anvils - Schematic.jpg  contribute
  Tetrahedral Cell For TET Press.jpg  contribute
  Tetrahedral Cell, Top.jpg  contribute
  Tetrahedral Press, Original Photo From 'Scientific American'.jpg  contribute
  Tetrahedral X-Ray Press By HT Hall & lD Barnett, 600-ton At 20,000 psi.jpg  contribute
  The Belt - Gasket At End Of Run (Original Belt).jpg  contribute
  The Story of Diamonds (2).JPG  contribute
  Tracy H.P. Building.jpg  contribute
  Tracy, Machine.jpg  contribute
  Tracy-summary.jpg  contribute
  Utah Academy Of Science (2).jpg  contribute
  View To North & Slightly West in B-41.jpg  contribute