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  1966-3-1_First Megadiamond Minutes.jpg  contribute
   1966_Ground Breaking
  1966_Mega Pressure Products & Research Corporation.jpg  contribute
   1966_Pictures of MPPR-Megadiamond Building
  1969-7-28_Tracy gives stock to children.jpg  contribute
   1970-7_KSLTV, Present MegaDiamond To GV Rampton
   1970-9-24_Deseret News Artificial Diamond Clip.pdf  contribute
   1970-9-24_Provo Herald Diamond Clip.pdf  contribute
  1970-9-24_World's Largest Manufactured Diamond1.jpg  contribute
  1970-9-24_Worlds Largest Manufactured Diamond2.jpg  contribute
  1970-9-25_Salt Lake Tribune Diamond Clip.jpg  contribute
  1970-9_Tracy & Bill Pope at Megadiamond.jpg  contribute
  1970_HTH & 1200 ton Cubic Press designed for Megadiamond corp in 1967(1).jpg  contribute
  1970_HTH & 1200 ton Cubic Press designed for Megadiamond corp in 19671(2).jpg  contribute
   1970_Patent Sales Agreement.pdf  contribute
  1971-10_Introducing the MegaDiamond.jpg  contribute
  1971_5 Carat Megadeamond presented to Governor Rampton-75 years of Utah Statehood.jpg  contribute
   1971_GemologicalDigest.pdf  contribute
  1972-4-2_Times-Union Clip.jpg  contribute
  1973-6-27_San Francisco Examiner.jpg  contribute
  1974-3_Bill Pope, Tracy Hall, Duane Horton.jpg  contribute
  1974-3_Press.jpg  contribute
  1975-7-28_Tracy resigns from Megadiamond.jpg  contribute
   1975-9-23_Tracy & Louis Pope Stock agreement.pdf  contribute
  1977_David's Journals-Ammendment to Assignment Agreement.jpg  contribute
  1977_Royalites Correspondence1.jpg  contribute
  1978_Megadiamond Merger with Super Cut.jpg  contribute
  1979-12-16_Provo Herald 25th Anniversary Clip.jpg  contribute
   1979_HTH purchases 36700 shares of Megadiamond Industries.pdf  contribute
   1979_IRH purchases 25800 shares of Megadiamond Industries.pdf  contribute
  1979_Press.jpg  contribute
   1984-1-16_Megadiamond Royalty Agreement.pdf  contribute
  1985-12-12_MegaDiamond Note to GE.jpg  contribute
  1985-8-19_Note from Duane Horton.jpg  contribute
  1985-8-24_Research Book Page 154.jpg  contribute
   1985_Megadiamond to Smith Sale.pdf  contribute
   1987-88_Hall-Megadiamond Royalties Arbitration
  1987_Tracy's List of Men Who Worked at Mega.jpg  contribute
  Bill Pope, Tracy Hall, and Duane Horton.jpg  contribute
  Bill Pope.jpg  contribute
   Business Dealings
  Mega's First Press $60,000 to build.jpg  contribute
  Mega's First Press.jpg  contribute
   Megadiamond Brochures
  Megadiamond Business Card.jpg  contribute
  Megadiamond Envelope.jpg  contribute
  Megadiamond Recognition.JPG  contribute
  MegaDiamond-Cogena Technology Sale.jpg  contribute
  Scan85.jpg  contribute