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   1933_Moving from farm in Marriott.pdf  contribute
  1949_Salary Increase @ GE.jpg  contribute
  1951-8_GE Research Lab.jpg  contribute
  1951-8_Tracy working with GE Light Scattering Apparatus.jpg  contribute
   1952-5-11_Albany Times Union Donald Duck Diamond Comic.pdf  contribute
  1952_New Method of Making Diamond Tools-Fig1.jpg  contribute
  1952_New Method of Making Diamond Tools-Fig2.jpg  contribute
  1952_New Method of Making Diamond Tools-Fig3.jpg  contribute
   1952_New Method of Making Diamond Tools.pdf  contribute
  1953-1-16_Belt Apparatus, Invented By HT Hall.jpg  contribute
   1953-2-4_HP-HT Reaction Cell Disclosure of Invention.pdf  contribute
  1954-12-14_First Diamonds.jpg  contribute
  1954-12-16_Made first diamond date book.jpg  contribute
  1954-12-16_Photo of Diamond Crystals from HTH's first succesful run on 12-16-54 in his belt appar.jpg  contribute
  1954-12-16_Synthetic Diamond Crystals Grown Dec 16, 1954.jpg  contribute
  1954-12-16_Watson Stillman Press - Where Diamonds Were First Made, Hall & Wentorf.jpg  contribute
  1954_1000-Ton Dil Act Press, GEHJ, Hall & Watson Stillman Press-Background.jpg  contribute
  1954_Early Diamonds Grown by HTH in 1954. Diamond photographed under water.jpg  contribute
  1954_Some of First Diamonds Tracy made at GE in 1954 (3).JPG  contribute
   1955-1-10_Tracy outlines his contributions to diamond synthesis.pdf  contribute
  1955-2-14_Congrats note and job offer from Henry Eyring.jpg  contribute
  1955-2_The Monogram.jpg  contribute
  1955-3_Research Lab Memo.jpg  contribute
  1955-8-18_Quitting letter from GE.jpg  contribute
  1955-9-7_Family Move to Provo.jpg  contribute
  1955_Aug.14-27.jpg  contribute
  1955_GE Research Lab called The Knolls in Schenectady NY.jpg  contribute
  1955_GE Watson-Stillman Water operated press @ GE where 1st diamonds were made-Wentorf & Hall.jpg  contribute
  1955_Knolls Research Lab, Schenectady.jpg  contribute
  1955_Life Magazine.jpg  contribute
  1955_New Way to Mount Stones clip.jpg  contribute
  1955_Stong's Diamond Presented to GE Director.jpg  contribute
  1955_Stong's Diamond Presented to GE Director2.jpg  contribute
  1955_Tracy & Colleague.jpg  contribute
  1955_Tracy and Collague (1).jpg  contribute
  1956-4-20_Regarding GE Diamond presentation to Smithsonian.jpg  contribute
   Diamond Anouncement Clippings
  Double-acting Birdsboro Press.jpg  contribute
   Ge Docs
  GE Press Release - Diamond Chip Passed Off As FIRST DIAMOND.jpg  contribute
   GE Promotional Pictures
   High Pressures
  Original Tetrahedral Press.jpg  contribute
  The Belt.jpg  contribute
  X-ray Diffraction Pattern Of First Diamonds Made By Man.jpg  contribute
  X-Ray Diffraction Pattern Of First Diamonds.jpg  contribute