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   1969-6_Sherlene's Wedding, Temple, Lunch
  1971-6_Dan, Sherlene, Dan Jr.jpg  contribute
  1973_Sherlene, Dan, Daniel, and Laura (1).jpg  contribute
  1973_Sherlene, Dan, Daniel, and Laura (2).jpg  contribute
  1975_Bartholomews.jpg  contribute
  1975_BYU Alumnal Camp Reunion.jpg  contribute
  1978-12_Dan, Sherlene & Family.jpg  contribute
  1984-11_Daniel Hall Bartholomew.jpg  contribute
  1990_Elder Daniel Bartholomew, Summer.jpg  contribute
  1995-4_Dan Bartholomew at party.jpg  contribute
  1996-8-6_Laura, Brandon Woodruff.jpg  contribute
  1996-9-6_Brandon and Laura Woodruff.jpg  contribute
  1996-9-6_Laura and Roger's Wedding.jpg  contribute
  1996_Bartholomew Family.jpg  contribute
  1998-6-21_Ida-Rose, Sherlene, H. Tracy Sr on Father's Day.jpg  contribute
  2000-12-26_Christmas Gathering (1).jpg  contribute
  2000-12-26_Christmas Gathering (2).jpg  contribute
  2000-12-26_Christmas Gathering (3).jpg  contribute
  2000-12-26_Christmas Gathering (5).jpg  contribute
  2000-12-26_Christmas Gathering (6).jpg  contribute
  2003-10_Daniel and Sherlene Bartholomew.jpg  contribute
  2004-8-25_Sherlene at Nancy's.JPG  contribute
  2006-5_Benjamin Jenson Woodruff, with ggf H. Tracy Hall.jpg  contribute
  2007-5_Woodruff Five ALIVE.jpg  contribute
  2008-12_Christmas pic suits.jpg  contribute
  2008-8_Benjamin Jenson Woodruff.jpg  contribute
  2009-2-8_Five Alive.JPG  contribute
  2009-3_Brandon has Cutest Personality.jpg  contribute
  2009-3_Dylan in Red.jpg  contribute
  2009-3_Dylan in St. George, UT pool.jpg  contribute
  2009-3_Maddie in St. George, UT pool.jpg  contribute
  2009-4_Benjamin's Essence.jpg  contribute
  2009-4_Ethan enjoys his 7th BDay parents' outing.jpg  contribute
  Bartholomews and Woodruff grandchildren (1).jpg  contribute
  Dan & Sherlene Batholomew's.jpg  contribute
  Dan and Sherlene Bartholomew.jpg  contribute
  Dan Bartholomew.jpg  contribute
  Dan&SherleneBartholomew.jpg  contribute
  Daniel & Diane with Grandma & pa Hall, in our Orem livingroom.jpg  contribute
  Daniel and Diane ad US party.jpg  contribute
  Hmmm4.jpg  contribute
  Huntington Tracy and Daniel (01).jpg  contribute
  Huntington Tracy and Daniel (02).jpg  contribute
  Huntington Tracy and Daniel (03).jpg  contribute
  Huntington Tracy and Daniel (04).jpg  contribute
  Huntington Tracy and Daniel (05).jpg  contribute
  Lydia (1).JPG  contribute
  Lydia (2).JPG  contribute
  Lydia (3).jpg  contribute
   Red Album, Sherlene
  Roger Brandon Woodruff.jpg  contribute
  Sherlene and Daniel at restaurant.jpg  contribute
  Sherlene Family Pic.jpg  contribute
  Sherlene Hall Bartholomew.jpg  contribute
   Sherlene Hall's Youth
  To Grandma & Grandpa, From Woodruffs.jpg  contribute
  Woodruffs (1).jpg  contribute
  Woodruffs at Disney.jpg  contribute