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  1970-6-5_David & Donna-Rae Coy wedding.jpg  contribute
   1972-1-27_David & Karen Hall Wedding
  1972-5_BYU Grads David, Karen V, Jeanie, Alan Hall, Lunch H T Hall Home, 1711 N Lambert, Provo.jpg  contribute
  1972-5_David & Karen V Hall Grad From BYU, Lunch In H T Hall Home, 1711 N Lambert Ln, Provo.jpg  contribute
  1972-5_David & Karen V Hall, BYU Grad.jpg  contribute
  1972-5_David, Karen Van Dyke Hall, BYU Grads, David-MS, Karen-BS.jpg  contribute
  1974-5_Karen, Mark, and David Hall (1).jpg  contribute
  1974-5_Karen, Mark, and David Hall.jpg  contribute
  1981-10_David & Karen Family (1).jpg  contribute
  1981-10_David & Karen Family (2).jpg  contribute
  1982-12_Emily Hall.jpg  contribute
  1982-12_Mark Hall.jpg  contribute
  1982-12_Michael Hall.jpg  contribute
  1982-12_Stephen Hall.jpg  contribute
  1989_David Hall Family (1).jpg  contribute
  1989_David Hall Family.jpg  contribute
  1995-4_Karen and David at table (1).jpg  contribute
  1998_Steven, David, Tracy, Ida-Rose, Heber Valley Reunion.jpg  contribute
   1999_8-12_Kelly & Emily Brimhall Wedding
  2000-12-26_Barbara Hall.jpg  contribute
  2000-12-26_Barbara, Jean Van Dyke.jpg  contribute
  2000-12-26_DJ Mecham, Michael, Barbara, and Emily.jpg  contribute
  2000-12-26_Michael Hall.jpg  contribute
  2002-8-9_Baby Announcement, Cameron Brimhall.jpg  contribute
  2004-12-26_David & Tracy.jpg  contribute
  2004-8-25_David and Karen (1).JPG  contribute
  2004-8-25_David and Karen (2).JPG  contribute
  2004-8-28_Kelly Hall holding Summer.JPG  contribute
   Black Album, David
  Cameron, Emily, Tracy, David, Zachary.jpg  contribute
  David Hall Family.JPG  contribute
  David Hall.JPG  contribute
  David's Family (1).JPG  contribute
  David's Family.JPG  contribute
   David's Youth
  David, Ida-Rose, and Tracy Hall.JPG  contribute
  David, Ida-Rose, Tracy.jpg  contribute
  David, Tracy, Austin, and Barbara, Four Generations.JPG  contribute
  Jackson Hall, Stephen's Son (2).jpg  contribute
  John and Barbara Catron.JPG  contribute
  Karen and David Hall (1).jpg  contribute
  Karen and David Hall (2).jpg  contribute
  Mark Hall Leaving on Mission (02).jpg  contribute
  Mark Hall Leaving on Mission (03).jpg  contribute
  Mark Hall Leaving on Mission (07).jpg  contribute
  Mark Hall Leaving on Mission (08).jpg  contribute
  Mark Hall Leaving on Mission (09).jpg  contribute
  Mark Hall Leaving on Mission (10).jpg  contribute
  Mark Hall Leaving on Mission (11).jpg  contribute
  Mark Hall Leaving on Mission (12).jpg  contribute
  Stephen and Emily.jpg  contribute
  Stephen, David, Collin, Tracy.jpg  contribute
  Stephen, Kelly, and Jackson.jpg  contribute
  Tracy and son David Hall.jpg  contribute
  Tracy, David, Barbara, Austin.jpg  contribute
  Tracy, Ida-Rose Hall, and Cameron Brimhall.jpg  contribute