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  1968-10-21_Buying the Farm1.jpg  contribute
  1968-10-21_Buying the Farm2.jpg  contribute
  1968-8-14_Buying the Farm4.jpg  contribute
  1968-8-26_Buying the Farm2.jpg  contribute
  1968-8-4_Buying the Farm1.jpg  contribute
  1968-8-4_Buying the Farm3.jpg  contribute
  1968-8_Buying the Farm5.jpg  contribute
  1968_August & September.jpg  contribute
  1968_June & July.jpg  contribute
  1973-2_35-Acre Payson Farm Looking North-west.jpg  contribute
  1981-6-18_Utah County Denies Application for Expansion.jpg  contribute
  1983-10_Donald Hall on Roof, Payson Carport (1).jpg  contribute
  1984-5 & 6_Flood on Payson Farm1 (1).jpg  contribute
  1984-5 & 6_Flood on Payson Farm1.jpg  contribute
  1984-5 & 6_Flood on Payson Farm2 (1).jpg  contribute
  1984-5 & 6_Flood on Payson Farm2.jpg  contribute
  1984-5 & 6_Flood on Payson Farm3 (1).jpg  contribute
  1984-5 & 6_Flood on Payson Farm3.jpg  contribute
  1984-5-29_Farm Flooding.jpg  contribute
  1984-5_Farm Flood.jpg  contribute
  1984-5_Payson Farm Flooding (1).jpg  contribute
  1984-5_Payson Farm Flooding (2).jpg  contribute
  1984-5_Payson Farm Flooding (3).jpg  contribute
  1984-5_Payson Farm Flooding (4).jpg  contribute
  1984-5_Payson Farm Flooding (5).jpg  contribute
  1984-5_Tracy Jr After Helping With Flood.jpg  contribute
  1987-12_Farm1.jpg  contribute
  1987-12_Farm2.jpg  contribute
  1989_After Hard Day's Work on Farm (1).jpg  contribute
  1989_After Hard Day's Work on Farm (2).jpg  contribute
  1989_Tree Farm Expense & Income.jpg  contribute
  1993-1-8_Tracy's 100 by 20 foot greenhouse completely collapsed.jpg  contribute
   1994_Farm Pictures
   1995_Farm Pictures
  1998_Pesticide License.jpg  contribute
  2002-10-25_Wal-Mart Where Farm Was.jpg  contribute
  2010_Walmart 2.jpg  contribute
  2010_Walmart Trees 2.jpg  contribute
  2010_Walmart Trees 3.jpg  contribute
  2010_Walmart Trees.jpg  contribute
  2010_Walmart.jpg  contribute
  H Tracy Hall Standing On South End Of 5 Acre Farm Owned By Howard Hall.jpg  contribute
  Hall farm; this house is redone, though.jpg  contribute
   Hall's Trees
   Lowe's Pictures With Trees
  Payson Farm.jpg  contribute