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  1960-10_Alpine Scenic Loop, Tracy Jr, Virgina, Nancy, Tracy Sr, David, and Charlotte Hall.jpg  contribute
  1960-11_Thanksgiving (02).jpg  contribute
  1960-11_Thanksgiving (03).jpg  contribute
  1960-12-25_Nancy & Charlotte With Langfords, Christmas.jpg  contribute
  1960-7_HTracy Hall Sr, Liz, Sherlene, David, Tracy, Timp Hike.jpg  contribute
   1960_Clay County
  1960_Daughter making snowman.jpg  contribute
  1960_NoNote14.jpg  contribute
  1960_NoNote15.jpg  contribute
  1960_NoNote16.jpg  contribute
  1960_NoNote18.jpg  contribute
  1960_NoNote19.jpg  contribute
  1960_Scholars for Nixon Organizing Committee1.jpg  contribute
  1960_Scholars for Nixon Organizing Committee2.jpg  contribute
   1960_Weekly Planner
  1961-11-29_Sunset From West Side Of JC Penny Store Sidewalk, Provo, UT.jpg  contribute
  1961-11-29_Sunset On Center Street In Provo.jpg  contribute
  1961-11-29_Sunset, Center St Provo, Utah (2).jpg  contribute
  1961-11-29_Sunset, Center St Provo, Utah.jpg  contribute
  1961-11-29_Sunset, Center Street & 1st St Provo, UT.jpg  contribute
   1961-12-25_Christmas at the Langford's
  1961-3_Clockwise From Left - Charlotte, Elizabeth, Virginia, Nancy Hall.jpg  contribute
  1961-8-27_HighPriestCertificate.jpg  contribute
  1961-8-7_PriesthoodLine.jpg  contribute
  1961-8_Elizabeth, Charlotte, Tracy Jr, Tracy Sr, Virginia, Ida-Rose, Nancy, Fish Lake, Utah (1).jpg  contribute
  1961-8_Elizabeth, Charlotte, Tracy Jr, Tracy Sr, Virginia, Ida-Rose, Nancy, Fish Lake, Utah (2).jpg  contribute
  1961-8_Elizabeth, Charlotte, Tracy Jr, Tracy Sr, Virginia, Ida-Rose, Nancy, Fish Lake, Utah (3).jpg  contribute
  1961-9_JL Cooprider (2).jpg  contribute
  1961-9_JL Cooprider.jpg  contribute
  1961_Christmas Card.jpg  contribute
   1961_Illinois, Missouri, South Dakota, Grand Canyon
  1962-12-10_Receipt, Animal Hospital.jpg  contribute
  1962-12-11_Certificate of Spaying 1962.jpg  contribute
  1962-12-25_Ida-Rose Hall, Christmas Morning.jpg  contribute
  1962-12-28_Church Letter.jpg  contribute
  1962-4-24_Mission Referral.jpg  contribute
  1962-4-29_Ida-Rose To Tracy.jpg  contribute
  1962-4_HT Hall, Christiane & Gery Van Der Schrick.jpg  contribute
   1962-6_1711 N 580 E Provo, Lambert Lane
  1962-6_Felker Home, Looking East From HT Hall Home.jpg  contribute
  1962-6_H Tracy Hall.jpg  contribute
  1962-6_Ida-Rose Hall & Daughter Nancy.jpg  contribute
  1962-6_Ida-Rose Hall in HTH's Office, 224 ELB, BYU.jpg  contribute
  1962-9-11_Tracy's Health Evaluation.jpg  contribute
   1962_1711 N 580 E Provo, Snow
  1962_Chapel Letter.jpg  contribute
  1962_H Tracy Hall Passport Photo.jpg  contribute
  1962_Hall Kids & Neighbor Kids (2).jpg  contribute
  1962_Hall Kids & Neighbor Kids.jpg  contribute
  1962_Ida-Rose's Night Blooming Cereus (1).jpg  contribute
  1962_Ida-Rose's Night Blooming Cereus (2).jpg  contribute
  1962_Ida-Rose's Night Blooming Cereus (3).jpg  contribute
  1962_Ida-Rose's Night Blooming Cereus (4).jpg  contribute
  1962_Jeus J Jonnson Home From South Yard Of HT Hall Home.jpg  contribute
   1962_Mount Hood, Oregon, Washington, Summer
   1962_Von Platen, Stockholm
  1963-1-19_Correspondence with Donal for Tabernacle Talk.jpg  contribute
  1963-10_Hall Family (1).jpg  contribute
  1963-10_Hall Family (2).jpg  contribute
  1963-10_Hall Family, Before Tracy Jr Went On His Mission (2).jpg  contribute
  1963-10_Hall Family, Before Tracy Jr Went On His Mission (3).jpg  contribute
  1963-10_HTH, IRH - Black White.jpg  contribute
   1963-12-25_Howard Hall Family, Christmas
   1963-12-25_Langford Christmas Party
  1963-2-28_Ogden Tabernacle Talk Organized by Donald.jpg  contribute
   1963-6-12_Truck Accident Newspaper Article
   1963_Dedicatory Prayer.pdf  contribute
  1964-11-12_Note to Sherlene1.jpg  contribute
  1964-11-12_Note to Sherlene2.jpg  contribute
  1964-11-1_Note From Wendell1.jpg  contribute
  1964-11-1_Note From Wendell2.jpg  contribute
  1964-12-23_Note to Wendell1.jpg  contribute
  1964-12-23_Note to Wendell2.jpg  contribute
  1964-12-23_Note to Wendell3.jpg  contribute
  1964-12_Charlotte & Ernest Langford, H Tracy Hall Jr., Howard & Florence Hall.jpg  contribute
  1964-12_Ida & Tracy's family except for Sherlene.jpg  contribute
  1964-12_Ida-Rose, Charlotte & Ernest Langford.jpg  contribute
  1964-5-27_letter from Ida-Rose.jpg  contribute
  1964-7_Ida-Rose Passport Picture.jpg  contribute
  1964-8-16_HT Hall, Nancy, Charlotte, Virginia.jpg  contribute
  1964-8-16_Ida-Rose (2).jpg  contribute
  1964-8-16_Ida-Rose (3).jpg  contribute
  1964-8-16_Ida-Rose.jpg  contribute
  1964-8-16_Nancy & HT Hall.jpg  contribute
  1964_Earnings & Tithing.jpg  contribute
   1964_England and Germany
   1964_France - Delivery of French Press
  1965-10-20_Chrysler New Yorker, Purchased 20 Oct 1965.jpg  contribute
  1965-10_Former Howard Hall Farm, Marriott, Utah, Lived Here 1927-1934.jpg  contribute
  1965-10_Halls on Patio.jpg  contribute
  1965-12-13_RFK letter.jpg  contribute
  1965-12-25_Christmas (1).jpg  contribute
  1965-12-25_Christmas.jpg  contribute
  1965-5_Ida-Rose, Charlotte, Ernest Langford (1).jpg  contribute
  1965-9-17_Snow, Looking East From South Of, 1711 N Lambert Ln Provo, UT (1).jpg  contribute
  1965-9-17_Snow, Looking East From South Of, 1711 N Lambert Ln Provo, UT (2).jpg  contribute
  1965-9-25_12th North Chapel Demolition.jpg  contribute
  1965-9-25_Note from Donald.jpg  contribute
  1965-9_Ida-Rose and David Hall, snow fight.jpg  contribute
  1965-9_Virginia, Ida-Rose, H Tracy-Sr, Nancy, Charlotte, and David in California.jpg  contribute
   1965_Arizona & Mexico Trip, April 22-30
   1965_Boulder Dam Trip
  1965_Boy Scout Registration.jpg  contribute
   1965_California & Disneyland
   1965_Houston Trip
  1965_Sherlene, Nancy, Liz, Charlotte (1).jpg  contribute
  1966-10-27_AWalkinRockCanyon.jpg  contribute
  1966-10_Home In Provo.jpg  contribute
  1966-11-12_Letter.jpg  contribute
  1966-11-12_Note From Ida-Rose.jpg  contribute
  1966-12_Christmas Tree, H Tracy Hall, Living Room.jpg  contribute
  1966-4_Merrill Watkins Hall, Wendell Herbert Hall, Florence Tracy Hall.jpg  contribute
  1966-5-1_templeRecommend.jpg  contribute
  1966-5-23_Tracy writes about his mom's death1.jpg  contribute
  1966-5-23_Tracy writes about his mom's death2.jpg  contribute
  1966-6-19_Brief History of Dedication.jpg  contribute
  1966-6-19_DedicationFronCover.jpg  contribute
  1966-6-19_DedProgram.jpg  contribute
  1966-6_H Tracy Hall, BYU, Provo Utah.jpg  contribute
  1966-8_Howard Hall Family Reunion, HT Hall Backyard, 1711 N Lambert Ln, Provo, UT.jpg  contribute
  1966-8_Howard Hall Family Reunion.jpg  contribute
  1966-9-24_Ida-Rose Hall, 25th Wedding Anniversary (1).jpg  contribute
  1966-9-24_Ida-Rose Hall, 25th Wedding Anniversary (2).jpg  contribute
  1966-9-24_Ida-Rose Hall, 25th Wedding Anniversary (3).jpg  contribute
  1966-9-24_Ida-Rose Hall, 25th Wedding Anniversary (4).jpg  contribute
   1966_Airforce Academy Trip, April
  1966_Fall, Back- Ida-Rose, Ernest F Langford, Liz; Front- Nancy, Charlotte, Virginia.jpg  contribute
  1966_H Tracy Hall, Fall.jpg  contribute
  1966_Kids (2).jpg  contribute
  1966_Kids.jpg  contribute
  1966_Letter1.jpg  contribute
  1966_Letter2.jpg  contribute
   1966_Phoenix AZ, Kon Tiki Motel, BYU-EdWk, June
   1966_South Africa Trip, Nov
   1967-12-25_Kitchen Fire On Christmas
   1967-5_Alice Hall's Funeral, Spring
  1967_H Tracy Hall.jpg  contribute
  1968-10_Dontknow, Liz, Betsy, Nancy, Sherlene, Ida-Rose, Ginger (2).jpg  contribute
  1968-10_Hall Family Posing.jpg  contribute
  1968-10_Ida-Rose Langford Hall.jpg  contribute
  1968-10_Orange bushes.jpg  contribute
  1968-10_Riding Horse, Elizabeth and friend.jpg  contribute
  1968-10_Riding Horse, Nancy Hall.jpg  contribute
  1968-10_Riding Horse.jpg  contribute
  1968-10_Tracy & Ida-Rose.jpg  contribute
  1968-10_Tracy & Ida.jpg  contribute
  1968-10_Virginia and Charlotte.jpg  contribute
  1968-12_Ida-Rose, Tacoma, WA (1).jpg  contribute
  1968-3-31_Hall Family (1).jpg  contribute
  1968-3-31_Ida-Rose Langford Hall (1).jpg  contribute
  1968-3-31_Tracy Hall Family, Except For Sherlene.jpg  contribute
  1968-4-19_Release of Real Estate Mortgage.jpg  contribute
   1968-6_Japan Trip, Hawaii Layover
  1968-9_Ida-Rose (01).jpg  contribute
  1968-9_Ida-Rose (02).jpg  contribute
  1968-9_Ida-Rose (03).jpg  contribute
  1968-9_Ida-Rose (04).jpg  contribute
  1968-9_Ida-Rose (05).jpg  contribute
  1968-9_NoInfo03.jpg  contribute
  1968-9_NoInfo04.jpg  contribute
  1968-9_NoInfo06.jpg  contribute
  1968-9_NoInfo09.jpg  contribute
  1968-9_NoInfo10.jpg  contribute
  1968-9_NoInfo16.jpg  contribute
  1968_Ralph Lamar Duke Grows A Mustache.jpg  contribute
  1968_Republican State Convention Delegate.jpg  contribute
  1968_State Delegate Certificate.jpg  contribute
   1968_Visit to Park Valley, Fielding Langford Grave, Summer
  1969-1-13_Howard Hall Letter1.jpg  contribute
  1969-1-13_Howard Hall Letter2.jpg  contribute
  1969-1-13_Howard Hall Letter3.jpg  contribute
  1969-1-13_Howard Hall Letter4.jpg  contribute
  1969-10-20_50th BDay, from Ida-Rose1.jpg  contribute
  1969-10-20_50th BDay, from Ida-Rose2.jpg  contribute
  1969-10-20_50th BDay, from Ida-Rose3.jpg  contribute
  1969-12_Tracy & Ida-Rose.jpg  contribute
  1969-3-13_Letter Home.jpg  contribute
  1969-5-1_Tracy and Ida-Rose in Tijuana (1).jpg  contribute
  1969-5-1_Tracy and Ida-Rose in Tijuana.jpg  contribute
  1969-6-15_Father's Day (1).jpg  contribute
  1969-6-15_Father's Day (2).jpg  contribute
  1969-6-15_Father's Day.jpg  contribute
  1969-6-15_Howad and Tracy on Father's Day (1).jpg  contribute
  1969-6-15_Howad and Tracy on Father's Day (3).jpg  contribute
  1969-6-15_Howad and Tracy on Father's Day (back) (2).jpg  contribute
  1969-6-15_Howad and Tracy on Father's Day (back).jpg  contribute
  1969-6-15_Tracy & Father Howard on Father's Day (1).jpg  contribute
  1969-6-15_Tracy & Father Howard on Father's Day (2).jpg  contribute
  1969-8_Looking South To Y View Village At Foot Of Lambert Lane.jpg  contribute
   1969-8_New York, Vermont, Maine
   1969-8_Provo Temple Groundbreaking
  1969_1711 N Lambert Ln.jpg  contribute
  1969_Nixon Inauguration Invite.jpg  contribute
  Charlotte Hall in Yard (1).jpg  contribute
  Charlotte Hall in Yard (2).jpg  contribute
  Charlotte Hall, Yard.jpg  contribute
  Charlotte, Virginia & Nancy With Grandma & Grandpa Hall.jpg  contribute
  Greenhouse.jpg  contribute
  Howard Hall, H Tracy Hall, Ernest Langford.jpg  contribute
  Howard, Florence Tracy Hall & Charlotte Hall At Hall's Madison Ave Home.jpg  contribute
  HT Hall By Tree in Marriott, Utah, Which Was A Landmark In Walking To Church Or School.jpg  contribute
  Ida-Rose and H Tracy Hall.jpg  contribute
  Ida-Rose Hall, Ferry Trip, Galveston To Port Bolivar.jpg  contribute
  Ida-Rose's Orchids (2).jpg  contribute
  Ida-Rose's White Orchids.jpg  contribute
  Landmarks - Donald Hall and Son, Demolition of Marriott Ward Meeting House.jpg  contribute
  Landmarks - Donald Hall and son, Former Howard Hall Home On Left, Looking East Up Road.jpg  contribute
  Landmarks - Donald Hall and Son, Remains Of Tree, On Corner That Turn South To School Or Church.jpg  contribute
  Landmarks - Donald Hall On South Edge Of Former Farm Of Howard Hall..jpg  contribute
  Locomotive Springs - H. Tracy Hall Sr..jpg  contribute
  Locomotive Springs - Ida-Rose Hall.jpg  contribute
  Nathan, Eugene, Karen, Karen's Husband.jpg  contribute
  NoInfomation(01).jpg  contribute
  Orchids (01).jpg  contribute
  Orchids (02).jpg  contribute
  Orchids (03).jpg  contribute
  Orchids (04).jpg  contribute
  Orchids (05).jpg  contribute
  Page1.jpg  contribute
  Page3.jpg  contribute
  Page4.jpg  contribute
  PictureScan1.jpg  contribute
  Roses.jpg  contribute
  Samuel Hall & Howard Hall In Home On Binford Avenue, Ogden.jpg  contribute
  Samuel Hall Home, Binford Ave (Former Home Of Henry And Mary Ann Woodcox Hall).jpg  contribute
  Samuel Hall In Home, Binford Ave Ogden.jpg  contribute
  Wendell & Merrill Watkins Hall Family (1).jpg  contribute
  Wendell & Merrill Watkins Hall Family.jpg  contribute
  Wendell & Merrill Watkins Hall, & Family.jpg  contribute
  Wendell & Merrill Watkins Hall.jpg  contribute