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   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2181-2182.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2183-2189.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2190-2196.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2206-2212.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2213-2220.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2221-2223.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2227-2228.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2231-2234.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2235-2236.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2238-2250.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2253-2255.pdf  contribute
   (Cohen, H.M.) (Cohen,J.A.) (Cohen, L.H.)-2256-2262.pdf  contribute
   1962-Aug_Reply to 'Comments on 'Effects of ultrahigh pressures on glass''.pdf  contribute
   1963-Effects of high pressure on glass.pdf  contribute
   1965-Oct_Densification of glass at very high pressure.pdf  contribute
   1966-May-13_melting of copper, silver, and gold at high pressures (2).pdf  contribute
   1966-May-13_Melting of copper, silver, and gold at high pressures.pdf  contribute
   1967-Aug-15_High-low quartz inversion. determination to 35 kbars.pdf  contribute
   1973-Feb-1_Effect of Pressure on Fe57 hyperfine fields in ferromagnetic PdCo Alloys.pdf  contribute
   1973_Determination of high-temperature transition in calcite to 5 kbar by differential thermal analysis in hydrostatic apparatus.pdf  contribute
   1973_Determination of the high-low inversion in Berlinite (AlPO4) to 6 kbar.pdf  contribute
   1974_Yet more observations on the high-low quartz inversion. thermal analysis studies to 7 kbar with single crystals.pdf  contribute
   1975-June_Differential thermal analysis investigation of the high-low cristobalite inversion under hydrostatic pressure to Kbar.pdf  contribute
   1975_solid inclusion piezothermometry I. comparison dilatometry.pdf  contribute