Howard Tracy Hall, 1919-2008.
The full online version of the book that came out in 2012:
Part 1: Ancestry (up to page 135 of the book).
Part 2: Personal Life (up to page 421 of the book).
Part 3: Professional Life (through to the end, which is on page 575).

Ida-Rose Langford Hall, 1921-2005

A digital version of the book that came out in 2008. For family heritage information see:

Pictures of Posterity
Charlotte Weight & Family David Hall & Family Elizabeth Neil & Family
Nancy Mecham & Family Sherlene Bartholomew & Family Tracy Hall & Family
Virginia Wood & Family    
    Sample Images and Documents from 1954 Diamond Discovery
    Ida-Rose Hall's Oral Histories
    Dozens of audio recordings are available going as far back as the late 1950s.

    Here is a list of the audio files compiled onto a disc of MP3 tracks in 2008, with comments on each.
    Here are the first thirty minutes of her being interviewed by daughters Charlotte and Sherlene in 1977. Many other have Ida-Rose asking the questions: here is one of her talking with her brother Heber in 1994.

    Family Videos

    Some of the many videos that have been digitized so far are available here.
    More will be added as they become available.

    Missionary Diary of Helon Henry Tracy
    Covers the years 1881 and 1882, which Helon spent in the United States and Great Britain.

    Research Journal from 1955-1968

    Tracy's words, from page one of his research journal: "Last week I visited with Air Force and Commerce Department officials in Washington to obtain a clarification as to the scope of the secrecy order on the G.E. Patent applications. I was told that it applied only to those applications and that I could freely and openly use any new apparatus that I might devise. On this basis I am going ahead with some new ideas that I have . . ." Follow along as another high pressure press capable of synthesizing diamond is developed, find when Tracy first thought of 'diamond growth from powder (PCD)', and read about it in Tracy's own words and scientific notes.

    Part 1: Up to page 237 of the book.
    Part 2: Page 238 through to the end of the book, which is on page 499.

    My Mexican Heritage
    Experiences from the lives of:
    Louis Rudolph Chlarson, Zina Charlotte Chlarson Langford and Ernest Fountain Langford.

    Tracy's Columbia Lane, Provo, shed

    Hallmanac Letters

    Hole in the Rock Accident

    Payson Farm Images

    Tracy's First Research Notes Concerning PCD

    Tulip Cottage Images